G4TechTV Canada launches new show dedicated to internet culture

First time ever that a network selects the best podcasts for broadcast



You can visit Torrent's show page here: Torrent

March 22, 2006, Toronto – G4 Canada is pleased to announce the launch of Torrent, a weekly one-hour Internet culture show for tech-savvy audiences looking for unique first-person pop-tech stories from around the world starting Thursday April 6th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Torrent, hosted and co-produced by Call for Help's Amber MacArthur, will bring the best video podcast segments on the Internet to the living room – marking the first time ever that a television network selects the best podcasts for broadcasting.

Entertaining, edgy, but most importantly, packed with great content that delivers viewers something new each and every week, Torrent's music, graphics, set, and shooting style reflects all things cutting-edge technology. Segments are pulled from popular podcasts that are already produced online whether it's Darren (Hak5*) from Virginia showing viewers how to turn a cell phone into a megaphone or Jeff from Halifax (cN*) interviewing hip-hop band Universal Soul about how to make digital music.

As host and co-producer of Torrent, Amber MacArthur draws on her experience as both host and producer of podcasts video/commandN.tv and audio/Inside the Net - twit.tv and as co host and co producer of G4 Canada's Call for Help and Gadgets & Gizmos.

The first episode features Amber on the grounds of the Austin, Texas South by Southwest music festival which attracts heavyweight artists like Neil Young, The Beastie Boys and Morrissey. Amber will introduce the best video podcasters from around the globe while she's in the centre of the interactive portion of the festival which features cutting-edge technologies from the world's hottest bloggers, podcasters, new media entrepreneurs and designers. Other features of the episode include a geek tour of Electric Town in Tokyo and a live podcast from a plane en route to Hawaii.

Future episodes include tips on how to produce audio and video effectively, a tour of the CommandN editing suite, a tour of a computer motherboard courtesy of G4's Call for Help contributor Sean Carruthers and alumni Andy Walker and a demo of ways to hack RSS into your morning routine with a custom alarm clock and newspaper. The show wraps up with tips from Amber on downloading podcasts from the Net via iTunes.

Viewers can take part in the show by sending in their own podcasts to info@torrentontv.com.

"We are excited to offer new and cutting edge programming for our viewers and to have Amber expand her role with G4 Canada," said Tom Ayley, General Manager, G4 Canada. "Amber's vast experience in technology and internet and her great rapport with her audience really make Torrent entertaining and informative. G4 Canada is the home of technology television and we are committed to providing our viewers with outstanding programming and the industry's leading technology experts."


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