G4 Canada introduces two new series exploring the latest technology trends

Web Gems and Super Software kick off seven new shows



April 3rd , 2006 – Toronto, ON – G4 Canada, the network dedicated to all things technology, is taking a look at the World Wide Web and software capabilities with two new weekly eight episode series that will inspire viewers of all technical abilities to take advantage of emerging technologies. Web Gems and Super Software reveal the technology that exists at our fingertips and shows the exciting possibilities of new trends in today’s tech world. Web savvy surfers and newbies to the tech scene won’t want to miss these two exciting new shows that are guaranteed to educate and inspire.

Web Gems and Super Software show viewers the best of what’s available in today’s digital world, energizing even the most inexperienced Net visitors to take advantage of new technology and the latest trends.

G4tech TV Canada will air five more special-themed series in the coming months covering everything from today’s digital lifestyle, to gadgets and tech-on-the-go. Stay tuned for more details.

Web Gems – Starting April 19th on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET
Web Gems is a half-hour weekly show that presents tips and tricks to successfully navigate the World Wide Web. This series will entice viewers to explore new trends and developments on the Net and reveal how the Web is affecting the ways we stay organized, learn, design and communicate. Web Gems will help viewers understand how blogging, podcasting and browsing are changing the distribution of information and entertainment online. Viewers will also learn how to use other fascinating tools on the Net to design better Websites, exchange information and stay organized.

Super Software – Starting April 21st on Fridays at 8:00 p.m. ET
Super Software is the in-house guide to getting the most out of popular computer programs. Once a week, this half-hour show will provide instruction on how to utilize the software powering today’s tech world. Viewers will learn how to achieve professional and fun results from tweaking their audio, photos, movies and animation. This program will provide tips on how anyone can boost spreadsheet, email and operating system skills. Super Software will simplify the most complex tasks with straightforward tutorials and help viewers to understand the potential of technology.


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About G4 in Canada
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