G4 Canada premieres original reality series set in the world's first snowboarder hotel

Staff and guests at Lake Tahoe hotel mix adrenaline sports and non-stop parting



TORONTO, January 8th, 2007 - Smoking or non-smoking room? Queen bed or two twins? Stripper pole or beer-proof floor? G4 Canada's outrageous original new reality series The Block offers viewers an exclusive pass to first hotel chain that truly appreciates and caters to the snowboarder lifestyle.

Airing Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT starting Tuesday, January 16, each half-hour episode combines hardcore riding on the slopes with the crazy lives of the hotel's staff, as they interact with the guests, pro snowboarders, bands and celebrities who make the hotel their winter home. Founded by snowboarding legend Marc Frank Montoya and Las Vegas hotelier Liko Smith, The Block captures the best of the snowboarding lifestyle that few outsiders ever get to see.

The Block follows the adventures of snowboarding star Montoya on and off the slopes, while Vegas veteran Smith strives to provide a balance between art and commerce. In addition to the colorful owners, The Block introduces hotel staffers who party as hard as they work. Can Smith continue to grow The Block and maintain its blend of edginess and service, as it expands into new communities with new city officials, new staff and new guests?

In keeping with the spirit of Montoya, who is also an in-demand hip-hop deejay when not on the slopes or running his skateboard company, every episode of The Block will feature up-and-coming hip-hop and R&B acts that have the hard edge of a good ride.

From the annual Block Party to the ongoing Fight Club events held outside the hotel, to the culmination of the season with a schoolyard rail jam and parking lot bash, this new reality show gives viewers an unprecedented inside look at the making of a cultural icon.




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