G4TechTV Canada partners with Greedy Productions for the production of hit podcasting show: Revamped podcasting show Torrent moves production to Vancouver



February 7, 2007, Toronto – G4 Canada is pleased to announce a partnership with Vancouver-based Greedy Productions Ltd. to revamp the hit podcasting show Torrent, a weekly one-hour Internet culture show for tech-savvy audiences looking for interesting, first-person, pop-tech stories from around the world. Entertaining, edgy, but most importantly, packed with great content that delivers viewers something new each and every week, Torrent’s new music, graphics and shooting style will reflect its cutting-edge technology content.

Torrent will feature the production team’s favorite podcasts, interviews with podcast creators and internet video makers, short web video clips and lots of cool information about the explosive world of video content on the web. The production, writing and editing will be managed by Eric Morin and Trevor Westerlund. A new host will also be announced in the coming weeks as part of the show’s revamping.

“We are excited to partner with Greedy Productions to re-launch Torrent,” said Tom Ayley, General Manager, G4 Canada. “As a Canadian station, it is important for us to work with the top talent in Canada and Greedy is one of the most innovative production companies in the country. We are committed to providing relevant and groundbreaking tech-based programming for our viewers and this partnership puts G4 Canada ahead of the curve.”

"We're very excited to continue merging the worlds of web and television on the show," said Eric Morin, Producer of Torrent. "We will be showcasing the best-of-the-best in podcasts and web videos, giving their creators a dedicated platform to discuss their forward-thinking work."

"Not only will we be meeting and profiling Canada’s top podcast creators, this show is going to inform future Vloggers on the processes others have used to get their message out to the global community," said Trevor Westerlund, Co-producer of Torrent.

New episodes of Torrent begin shooting in Vancouver this spring.

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