Order G4

More than 3 million Canadian subscribers are already watching digital television, and more are upgrading every day!

How do you order G4?

Simply call your cable or satellite provider. If your cable or satellite provider is listed below, you may visit its website and view its packaging information to learn how you can receive G4. If your provider is not listed below, you can get the telephone number from your most recent cable or satellite bill.


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What is a digital channel?

G4 fans in Canada may have heard that G4 is a digital channel. With digital phones, digital televisions, digital channels, and more, it's easy to understand how people can get confused about what exactly is digital.

The CRTC licensed many new channels for digital distribution in 2000. This means that these channels, including G4, must be distributed digitally by a cable, satellite, or wireless company. Until recently, specialty channels were analog. Digital delivery means that the signal is digitally distributed to a box on top of the television set.

There are many benefits to the digital delivery of television signals. First, it provides the viewer with better picture and sound quality. Also, six to 10 digital channels fit in the same space as a single analog channel, so it is easy to understand why digital is a big part of the multichannel universe.

What it is not

A digital channel does not refer to a high-definition television. G4 can be received on most television sets in Canada.