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John Powell's latest news -|- Column Archive
April 20, 2017

'Guardians of the Galaxy' game is a letdown
All he wants to do is save the galaxy because as he says, he is one of the idiots who lives in it.


Daniel Barron latest news -|- Column Archive
April 11, 2017

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition loads up on fun
It's been an embarrassment of riches early in 2017 for fans of video games, with the revolutionary The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nier: Automata, and Horizon: Zero Dawn all being released early in the year. But gamers who just want to kick back, have some laughs, and shoot some fools need look no further than the gleefully ridiculous Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.


Alexander Cattani's latest news -|- Column Archive

April 5, 2017

Pixel Story, a clever trip to the past
To me, peering into the past and familiarizing myself with the history of videogames is just as interesting as speculating about what the future of the medium could potentially hold. Upon loading up A Pixel Story without any prior knowledge of the title, I expected to be in for yet another 8-bit indie jaunt that tugged on the well-worn heartstrings of gamers from a particular era. While A Pixel Story is guilty of just that, developer Lamplight studios' approach to gameplay and presentation warrants some attention.


Apple Gazin' - Greg Gazin latest news -|- Column Archive -|- Biography
August 29, 2016

Nonda ZUS Smart USB Charger & Car Finder
I've never been a super fan of gadgets that follow the Swiss Army Knife philosophy particularly when vendors add features not because they are useful, but because they can. But sometimes, you might get a pleasant surprise and this is definitely the case with the new Nonda Zus Smart USB Car Charger & Car Finder.


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