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John Powell's latest news -|- Column Archive
July 20, 2017

More zany, crazy fun in Splatoon 2
Load up those ink guns and get ready to splatter!


Apple Gazin' - Greg Gazin latest news -|- Column Archive -|- Biography
June 12, 2017

Gifts for Dad great for the outdoors
When it comes to finding Dad the right gadget for Father’s Day, there are so many choices; so here are three gift ideas for a Dad who likes to spend time outside, whether on the field, on the road or otherwise.


Alexander Cattani's latest news -|- Column Archive

June 6, 2017

GNOG good but not great
Even after viewing several of trailers and reading several descriptions, I still didn’t exactly know what to make of KO_OP Mode's latest title, GNOG. Not knowing how exactly to comprehend a piece of art usually draws me closer to it and makes me want to find out what creators exact intent was. Upon loading up GNOG with this in mind, I was once again faced with the sobering realization that looks can be deceiving.


Daniel Barron latest news -|- Column Archive
June 19, 2017

Despite a unique premise, Aaero's aim is slightly off
It doesn't get much more unique than the rhythm-shooter game Aaero, thanks in no small part to a melding of intriguing pieces, from an interesting gameplay hook, to a killer soundtrack and some cool boss battles. The final product is worse than the sum of its parts though, and the game never truly hits its stride.


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