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Resogun Heroes Expansion

July 3, 2014

By Daniel Barron - G4 Canada

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Resogun Heroes ExpansionMore destruction awaits with Resogun Heroes DLC

By Daniel Barron - G4 Canada  

If you own a Playstation 4 and haven't yet jumped on the Resogun bandwagon, now is as good a time as any thanks to the release of this shoot-em-up's first expansion pack, "Heroes." Although there are only two modes available, they're sure to equate to hours of added time with the game, and for a mere five bucks to boot.

For the uninitiated, Resogun is a PS4 launch game developed by the same folks who created other downloadable titles such as Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, and Outland. While Resogun is sinfully addictive and features absolutely top-notch gameplay, it wasn't necessarily packed with content when it hit the PS4 in November 2013.

Heroes aims to fix that by adding two new game modes - Survival and Demolition. Although both modes stay true to the essence of Resogun, they're different enough from the standard game to justify the price for fans of the game.

It's worth noting that both Survival and Demolition are single player only, and both feature one-life-only gameplay. I died a lot, I yelled a lot, but I was constantly telling myself "just one more try."

Survival is fairly self-explanatory. You play on a new map - Avernus - and are tasked with surviving as long as possible with only one life. There are no bosses, but the mode features a day/night cycle. Just like when you complete a section in the non-DLC levels, finishing a day or night gives you a breather for a few moments before the action ramps up again.

Survival makes saving humans more of a necessity than the suggestion it is when playing the regular mode. The only way you can earn power-ups is by saving humans, so it's in your best interests to pick 'em up as quickly and as often as you can. Luckily, they're much easier to get in Survival, as they, erm, heroically drop down constantly throughout the level. It's even okay to miss them, as more are always on their way.

Demolition is a much different beast. Although the focus is still on earning as high a score as possible with only one life, you have no gun whatsoever in this mode. You once again play on Avernus, but your only weapon is a bomb that recharges every time you set it off. There are wrecking balls that appear throughout the level, and the idea is to launch them with your bombs, and let them take care of most of the destruction.

Resogun Heroes ExpansionFewer enemies appear in this mode, though there certainly are ships that are out to get you. Not only do you have to keep your eye out for them, you also have to avoid the numerous blocks that are constantly spawning onscreen, as well as the balls themselves, which are just as capable of destroying your ship.

Demolition is arguably the most hectic mode currently available in Resogun, but that being said, there is still a lot of strategy involved if you truly want the highest score possible - and let's be honest, in a game like this, high-score bragging rights is what it's all about.

My main complaint about the DLC is in regards to what it doesn't have, and not in the quality of what's included. As mentioned earlier, both Survival and Demolition are single player only, and feature a single life. It would have been nice to see a new co-op mode added in, although Housemarque has stated that more DLC will be on its way in the future, so that may still be coming.

Still, a free game update has added local co-op to the main game, not to mention a ship editor that is extremely easy to use (and proves that the Resogun community has one heck of a great sense of humour).

Combine those free add-ons with the low price of the DLC, and it's not only easy to recommend the Heroes Expansion to anyone who already owns the game, but it makes it an added reason for those sitting on the fence to finally download it. Because there are always more humans to be saved, after all.


Resogun Heroes Expansion
Format: Playstation 4
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Housemarque
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone 10+
Official Site:

Rating: 9 / 10

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