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Zus Kevlar Cable – is it bulletproof?

July 15, 2016

By Greg Gazin - Apple Gazin’ - G4 Canada

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Zus Kevlar Cable – is it bulletproof?

Zus Kevlar CableWhile the world has gone wireless, we still need to rely on cables. Sadly, these necessary links all too often become the weakest link as they can easily tear, fray and subsequently fail usually at the worst possible time. That's why Nonda (No NDA Inc.) created the Zus Kevlar Cable, which they tout as, "The world's most durable cable and the last cable you'll ever need."

Kevlar is a trade name of Dupont, and a type of Aramid fibre. It’s commonly used for bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets, but somehow I had my doubts that a cable would survive the actual impact from a bullet. I'm also sure our city's finest have better things to do than have me bother them asking them to shoot up a defenseless cable, so I opted for other test methods.

While I didn't exactly go crazy, I did put the cable through a number of paces but opted not to involve the jaws of neighbour’s pooch. I tried the twisting and turning it, tying it up like one would a piece or rope. I also used it to lift a few heavy items and even, jammed it in my front door. I bent the ends – which the company says can be done 15,000 times and jammed it up against furniture which would likely happen more often than having it struck by a .38 or run over by a Toyota Prius.

I targeted the cable only, realizing the USB connectors alone were obviously not protected.

Nevertheless, like the Timex watch in the old commercial "that took a licking and still kept ticking," the Zus cable was able to withstand all that I gave it.

But I must admit that my test methods seemed somewhat lackluster having after the fact discovered a video where “Arms Technica” took "Kevlar" at face value and put it through a live-fire exercise. The result: the cable is not bulletproof. No surprise there.

You can also check out some other test videos of a less obliterating nature, where you can see a guy pulling the car with the cable and another using it to play Tug of War with his dog.

Five Layers of Protection

Zus Kevlar CableAs you might have already gathered, the cable is not totally made from Kevlar, but the amazing material does play an important role at the core of the cable assembly, which has in fact five layers. Starting at the centre are four cables each protected with Kevlar and strands of Aramid fibre set between them. Shielding that appears to be two layers of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) grounding material, which is all covered with a layer of PVC plastic, and then further encased with a protective nylon braid.

The company is so confident in their product, they offer a lifetime warranty and will replace any cable for free if it breaks or splits. Now if you damage the USB connectors, it might be another story.

Three USB Configurations

Zus Kevlar CableZus Kevlar Cable comes in a four-foot length and has three configurations. Micro USB to USB for Android and Kindle, Lightning to USB for iOS devices and USB-C to USB for devices that have a multipurpose single-port like the latest MacBook, the latest Chromebook Pixel and the Nexus 6P.

What I really like about the cable is yes, it's solidly constructed and also well shielded from electromagnetic interference. The PVC allows it to be flexible and the braided nylon, which also protects it, helps keep it from tangling. The little cable-tie is a nice touch.

What’s also interesting is that it is designed with a 90-degree USB plug on one end. Now this may pose an issue when plugging into a laptop where ports are located next to each other, but the company’s reasoning is so it will fit into tight spaces - like behind furniture or with in-car chargers which Nonda just happens to make.


It’s funny; we protect our smartphone and laptops, yet we usually just throw our cables into our cars, purses or knapsacks without concern. No wonder they fail. Maybe now that this one is almost bulletproof, pardon the pun, and there when you need it, maybe it will get the respect it deserves.

Now if they could only create super duty earbud cables, we'd be all set.

I digress.

Nonda’s Indiegogo campaign was extremely successful, exceeding the target amount by over 3,100% and raising over US $350K in the process.

With that said, the campaign was funded June 21st, but at time of writing, you could still pre-order the ZUS cable for only US$19, less than half the expected US$40 retail price.

Super Duty - Kevlar (Aramid fibre) reinforced
Lifetime Warranty

90-degree plug may block adjacent port

Rating: 5 / 5

(Photos courtesy No NDA Inc.)


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