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FlatOut 4 puts the pedal to the metal

May 8, 2017

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Flatout 4 Total InsanityFlatOut 4 is not just crazy. It is not just off its rocker. It is “Total Insanity”!

Well, it may not be all that nutty but FlatOut 4 delivers what the series has always promised and that is automobile mayhem on every level imaginable.

The Flatout franchise has always been about two things: relentless destruction and those manic mini-games. In career mode, you barrel around off-road tracks smashing through farm houses, splintering picket fences and occasionally battering your opponents. This isn’t just “trading paint” either. Like heat-seeking missiles, your rivals will come flying towards you without any warning. You earn points for wins and taking out your foes which often leaves you with a tough decision: Do you aim to win the race or incapacitate rivals because it is very difficult to do both successfully.

Flatout 4 Total InsanityMulitplayer is a virtual ghost town. Since no AI drivers are added to the mix, you will find yourself pitted against just a few drivers which kinda takes away from the chaotic racing experience Flatout promises to give.

The mini-games are just as fun as ever. Using your driver like a human cannonball ejected from your speeding car, you can play beer pong, soccer, baseball, high jump and where I had the most fun was the area death matches where a group of cars smash up derby each other into spare parts.

Flatout 4 Total InsanityThere is so much to do in Flatout 4 but a lot of it is inexplicably locked until you gain enough points making the game a slow grind when it didn’t have to be. The complete package would have been more attractive if everything, except the vehicles, were ready to play right out of the box.

Flatout 4 doesn’t really revolutionize the franchise but it modernizes it and puts it on the right track to cruise into what could be a bright future.

Flatout 4 Total Insanity Flatout 4 Total Insanity
Format: Xbox One
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Developer: Kylotonn
ESRB Rating: T For Teens

Official Site:

Rating: 7 / 10

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