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E3: Bethesda unveils Wolfenstein, Evil Within sequels

June 12, 2017

By John Powell - G4 Canada

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Bethesda's E3 2017 showcase kicked off with crowed favourite, Pete Heinz, recapping Bethesda's recent releases such as DOOM and Prey.

DOOM VR and Fallout 4 VR both debuted. As the subtitles suggests, two of Bethesda's more popular IPs will be getting the VR treatment. No specific date has been giving as of yet for either title.

Next up, Morrowind will be making its way to The Elder Scrolls Online universe. New quests, loot and more will accompany new content such as the classic area. The trailer displayed had a bevy of over-acting YouTube influences expressing excitement. Their obnoxious antics ruined the trailer but this significant add-on will be sure to keep fans busy when it releases.

E3: Bethesda unveils Wolfenstein, Evil Within sequelsBethesda also debuted the "Creators Club". Essentially a platform that allows both fans and creators to upload, purchase and download mods for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The Club and its suite of features will also be available on consoles. A date has not yet been specified.

Card battler "Elder Scrolls: Legends" will now receive a "Heroes of Skyrim" add-on. No date has yet been given. Keeping with the theme, the 2011 classic Skyrim was showed running on Nintendo's Switch. Exclusive Nintendo themed content, such as Link's outfit and weapons, will be available on the Switch version via Amiibo support.

Dishonoured 2's seemingly final piece of DLC was then given some stage time. "Death of the Outsider" is set to release in Sept 15 of this and is sure to be packed with tough moral decisions and many a stealthy moments.

E3: Bethesda unveils Wolfenstein, Evil Within sequelsThe Evil Within 2 was than debuted via a stylish trailer equal parts artsy and haunting. Sebastian, the protagonist from the first title, is still tortured by the events of the original title sets off to find his daughter in what seems to be a twisted facsimile of reality. The Evil Within 2 is set to release Friday, October 13th of this year.

Closing out the conference was a debut trailer for the follow up to 2014's Wolfenstein: A New Order. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus sees B.J. link up with a gang of resistance fighters in hopes of reclaiming America back from its current Nazi rulers. The title looks chock-full of attitude, creativity and style. A New Colossus is set to release September 27th of this year.

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