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John PowellGraduating from Centennial College's Fast Track Journalism program in 1995, John's journalism career has been as diverse and quirky as his writing. In 1995 1996, he worked as a film critic for The Outreach Connection Newspaper, a paper to assist the homeless in Toronto, while also functioning as an assistant editor for the now defunct entertainment magazine Venue. From there, John was one of a handful of journalists
involved in the launch of the Web site in 1996. The Senior CNEWS editor until 2005, John also branched out and worked closely with Jam! Showbiz to report on movies and reality television while also creating the SLAM! Wrestling site in the sports section with is co-worker and friend, Greg Oliver. John has been published in every Sun newspaper in Canada as well as a contributor to various magazines, radio shows and has appeared on television as a pro-wrestling or movies expert. In 2005, John left the news department to head CANOE's coverage of Technology and video games (WHAM! Gaming) before moving onto a movie reporting gig.

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