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EP Daily

EP Daily | Make The Electric Playground your daily stop for all the latest info and interviews from your favorite videogames, movies, TV shows, comic books, collectibles and gadgets. Pledging to bring the latest on everything cool every single day, EP travels the world to take you behind the scenes of the global game business to meet the planet’s most respected videogame creators.

And now, through the acclaimed series' recently expanded format, EP also covers the hottest movies, TV shows, web series, gadgets, comic books and collectibles--giving gamers a good look at everything else they care about!

Created and executive produced by host, Victor Lucas, The Electric Playground has been a staple on airwaves since its debut in 1997. EP has an extremely talented, passionate and knowledgeable team of hosts with Briana McIvor, Jose "Fubar" Sanchez, Miri Jedeikin and Shaun Hatton and features daily coverage from Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Wherever it’s made, whatever is cool, whomever you want to hear from, The Electric Playground delivers. Daily.

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